Reminder: Call for your papers

— please forward to anyone who may be interested —

Dear Liberal Education Community,

We are still looking for some more good academic essays on an undergraduate level from European Liberal Education students or graduates.

Please spread the word at your Colleges and with your friends and, if you’re student, come and submit an essay that you’re proud of! You can find all the information that you need below.




Deadline: 30th of June

You have always wanted to publish an academic paper and engage with the European community of Liberal Education students but don’t know where to start?  – Start here.

What is angLES?

angLES is a brand new academic journal run by Liberal Education students for Liberal Education students. For the first edition we are now looking for authors who have written an academic paper, in or outside of class, that they want to get out there – a first publishing experience with peer reviewing and academic rigor in a safe environment. Come and visit today!

What can you publish?

Any academic paper, ideally between 3000 and 5000 words, that you have written either for university purposes or outside of class. The paper can address any topic of your choice, it doesn’t have to be about Liberal Education (LE). However, we require you to make your own claim or take a creative approach, summaries of academic literature can only be accepted in the form of formal literature reviews. Of course it would be great if you wrote something specifically for angLES but it is by no means a requirement. Crucially, we are a journal for undergraduates or recent graduates, so do not hesitate to send us any essays that you feel quite proud of.

What is it all for?

angLES wants to do three things: (1) Help LE students to engage with their peers across Europe beyond the annual Liberal Education Conference and Symposium. (2) Give LE students a platform for their academic writing. (3) Provide a valuable learning experience as we learn from each other through peer reviewing and reading each others contributions.

How does it work?

(1) Read the submission requirements and submit a paper

(2) Wait for feedback on your own paper and potentially review someone else’s contribution

(3) Review by the Editorial board and publication! (or rejection)

(4) Talk about the papers – in an online Forum or at the next LESC and LESS

Important: you can also just sign-up as a peer reviewer without submitting a paper.

If you have any other questions, would like to become a part of the editorial team or be the contact person at your College please email us at or see the open positions at

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