AngLES is an interdisciplinary Journal run by Liberal Arts and Sciences students for Liberal Arts and Sciences students. Our mission is to empower them to publish their academic work, to take their first steps into the academic world in a safe environment, and help them introduce their unique perspective to the academic discourse. At the same time we want to encourage young scholars to engage in interdisciplinary and international collaboration and thinking. We are part of the future of academia. We are part of the future of society. We must learn to take this role with integrity and creativity. Let’s help each other take the next step.


angLES Executive

  • The angLES executive deals with the admin and management part of the journal. It currently consists of three students, two from UCF and one from EHU.

Editorial Board

  • The editorial board is responsible for the academic work with submissions. They decide on publication or rejection. They are also the link between reviewers and authors.


  • Reviewers are responsible for giving qualified feedback to articles. They are not awaree of the identy of the author whose paper they are reviewing, just as the authors are not aware of their identity (double-blind-review). They communicate with authors through the editors.

Open Positions

  • No positions currently open.
  • Feel free to contact us if you wish to help or have ideas for the journal. We will find a place for you.

Any questions? E-mail info@angles-journal.org

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