AngLES is an interdisciplinary Journal run by Liberal Arts and Sciences students for Liberal Arts and Sciences students. Our mission is to empower them to publish their academic work, to take their first steps into the academic world in a safe environment, and help them introduce their unique perspective to the academic discourse. At the same time we want to encourage young scholars to engage in interdisciplinary and international collaboration and thinking. We are part of the future of academia. We are part of the future of society. We must learn to take this role with integrity and creativity. Let’s help each other take the next step.

Open Positions

  • We are looking for contact people (student liaison officers) in all European Liberal Arts programs. We are also searching a person who would like to coordinate those activities.
  • We are looking for one more executive organizer. Requirements: Accessibility, organization and communication skills. Tasks: Take initiative on projects and organizational proposals. Infodesk. Supervising workflow.
  • We are searching for one publication officer. Tasks: Responsible for final formatting and finishing versions for publication.
  • We are also looking for a digital affairs officer. Requirements: Basic understanding of social media and wordpress.com. Talents in design, marketing and online communication.
    Manage and update the website and facebook page, respond to messages on social media.

Please note that all positions on the editorial board have already been filled. All positions are on a voluntary basis .

Interested? E-mail info@angles-journal.org

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